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Wedding and Engagement Photography

Capture your special day as it unfolds.

Have you been searching for a professional photographer? Were you surprised at the cost of packages and albums which you are required to book before your wedding?

Choosing the right photographer is about so much more than a packaged price, it is about finding the person who can tell your story and take beautiful, professional photographs that will keep your treasured wedding day memories as heirlooms for your family and friends. How are you, as a bride and groom supposed to figure out how to compare all the various wedding photography packages and to know ahead of time, exactly what you want? Considering that the most important day of your life has not even happened, why should you have to commit to a certain package or album?

Every wedding day takes on a life of its own and it is the job of Bennett Photography to capture your day as it unfolds. No specific packages are offered. A photographer fee is charged for the services performed on your wedding day and then you are the one who chooses how much you want to spend and what you want to order. And that takes place after you, your friends, and family view your wedding portrait images on line with a password-protected web site set up directly for viewing and ordering.

When the wedding day is over, the dress is put away, and all your friends and family have gone home, what you are left with are your fond memories of your wedding day. Keep in mind that your photographer will be spending the major portion of your wedding day with you and you want a person that works hard to make the day a wonderful celebration.

Contact Bennett Photography for a wedding experience that will have a personal connection and allow you to enjoy your special day in an organized, stress free environment. And the best part . . . the price!

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